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Thread: just feeling like im not ment for this

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    Also check out Janet Lansbury's web site and writings.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Batya33 [Register to see the link]
    Also check out Janet Lansbury's web site and writings.
    will do thank 😃😃

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    What about a Mom's group where you get together with other moms and let the kids play. You get to interact with other moms and your 18 month old gets to play. I did that when my son was little (he's 15 now) and it was awesome and I'm still friends with some of the moms I met. When my son was age-appropriate I was with a mommy surfing group. One group of moms would get out in the water while the other moms watched the kids on the beach and vise versa. As mom's we can't loose who we are and it's good for the kids to!

    Also, what about a "mommy's helper"? I had a teenager come to the house a few times a week so I could have someone play with my son while I did things like cook dinner, vacuum the house....stuff I couldn't do when my toddler was needing my attention throughout the day.

    I know it's tough, hang in there and get some help!


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