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Thread: Have you ever loaned money to a friend?

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    Yeah it would be better for ME to let YOU know that way you can make ALOT more than a couple thousand

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    She should have got a line of credit or credit card with a bank. Then it is not personal.

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    Victoria66 - Very true.

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    i mean it's like you need some kind of assistance with basic facts.

    YOU did not LOAN the money to her. YOU have NO CONTRACT with her. you're meddling with someone's business, and your friend. telling yourself stuff like the contract is the same is pathetic. i'm sure you are aware a contract entails both parties knowing not only the terms but also who they're signing it with, and that the girl knows full fell the terms of the contract thus give you rights to....nothiiiiinggg. if you're excusing your behavior to yourself, why don't you tell your friend and the guy what you did. no biggy, right, the contract was the same and she knows the contract. and also knows well she didn't sign one with you.

    i don't know what you're trying to achieve any more-- and neither do you. are you trying to disclose the full figures of your fortune to posters, defend sociopathic tendencies, get her 40 bucks or if you just enjoy being ridiculed or what.

    your "gut instinct" tells you to not tell people when you're making clandestine profit off them. lol.

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    Yes, I've loaned money to a friend, and never got it back. It was $6 interest-free though, and I could afford to lose it. I've borrowed money from a family member and he kept loosing my checks or not cashing them. Eventually he said don't worry about it, and I sent him a gift of thanks instead, something he can use. I've had a friend borrow money from other friends, and their payments were sporadic because their income was sporadic, but eventually they paid it all back with interest. They made a sincere effort throughout but sometimes didn't have the needed income at the right time. If inconsistency hadn't been a potential issue they probably would have borrowed from a bank. That's my experience.

    Now I feel like she's pissed off at me. She paid the last Payment at the end of Nov. so I think she's getting confused with Nov./Dec.

    I hate to see this affect our friendship. Am I handling this right? Any suggestions? Advice? I'm really irritated
    Have you sent a business letter listing the payments, dates, payment method? Keep emotions out of it, keep it business-like. How is this communication happening that she hasn't figured out that you are the one who made the loan? I don't get it.


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