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Thread: Unconventional ways to make money utilizing my cooking skills

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    Ms Darcy
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    I think cooking can be a great side business to help you bring in extra money. Here are a few ideas:

    1. Set up a YouTube channel where you cook specific dishes. You'd need a decent camera, a good number of videos, and an advertising strategy to get views.

    2. Offer to teach some reasonably priced cooking classes (maybe out of your home). If it's not too expensive, and you live in a biggish city, people will be interested. You just need a good cooking/demonstration space.

    3. Consider becoming a caterer. You might set up a nice side business by cooking and catering for events (weddings are a good example). If you can do it for friends as a start, that would be great.

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    If your apartment is too small for cooking classes, could you limit it in size and stress the personal or private coaching, perhaps offer it to couples? Or offer to come to people's homes to teach them (you could bring supplies, do the shopping as part of the offering, or take them shopping as part of the package so they learn how to buy the best ingredients.) Maybe offer different packages, by age, by experience, by season, by health concernÖso you might get repeat customers.

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    I'm currently employed as an employment recruitment consultant in Australia. If you were one of my clients, I could just about guarantee you work in one of many upmarket cafes. You don't even need a qualification to do it. There is such a shortage of "cooks", that there has been some type of program of bringing workers here from Asia to fill positions. The organisation I work for is thinking out a program of negotiating with employers to hire people as kitchen hands instead and providing some funding for training in hospitality.

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    This article claims we need an additional 38,000 chefs in Australia! Come to Australia. If you are good, you would definitely be able to get job at least in upmarket cafe. I don't know about restaurants, but given the shortage, you would have to at least stand a chance.[Register to see the link]

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    I would go to cooking school and be careful about preparing food at home for sale given all the rules/licensing about food safety. What a great talent and skill to have!


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