I feel like Iím doing time for a crime that I did not commit
You know, going through emotional conflict
I feel like Iím going round in circles forever reaching roads that lead to nowhere
I feel so lost, I need help but when I call out no one is there

So I carry on alone
Because that is all I know
I put on a front so my feelings donít show

I donít want to be just another person that settles for less
Iím not certain of anything so I always hold hope close to my chest
Mama says I need that 9 to 5 to survive
But whatís the point if it doesnít bring happiness to my life?

When I fall into a permanent sleep and I can see beyond this haze
I donít want to have wasted the beats of my heart wishing for something better every day

I know I was not born to feel this much sorrow
Maybe I will be better tomorrow