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Thread: Muscle Loss and Age

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    And one other thing... as I was leaving, I overheard the two nurses trying to figure out whether to give me a prescription for a thoracic MRI and also whether to refer me to another doctor.

    I guess it was obvious to them that the appointment was a disaster lol.

    I imagine this doctor is naturally predisposed to outbursts of criticism, and that he criticized me openly to his staff the moment he left the examination room.

    It reminds me a lot of my last job, where the prevailing belief among many of the managers is that they're beset on all sides by morons. Ironically, this is actually a moronic belief.

    As I checked out, one of the nurses explained that they didn't want to go through the precertification for the MRI if I wasn't going to get it done. I told her not to worry about it.

    She then mildly poo-pooed prolotherapy: "We can refer you to another specialist, but I don't think they include prolotherapy in their practice. That's kind of an old practice and we try to be more up to date with things."

    I said, "That's ok. I will find another doctor."

    I find it highly amusing when people attempt to cast themselves in an advantageous light by slighting others. What a stupid strategy.

    Something that really stood out to me is that only one of the four employees in that office wore any form of PPE. The doctor and both nurses did not wear gloves or masks. Only the receptionist wore a mask, and she had a glove on one hand.

    I'm not personally very worried about COVID. I don't think my boyfriend or I fall into a high risk category, and we don't have any contact with populations who do. But we are required by law to wear a cloth face covering when we are shopping, etc., and we comply.

    I don't see how a doctor would be exempt from this law, as a doctor is necessarily in contact with high-risk people. I think the lack of PPE shows a blatant disregard for the welfare of the public, and that is a terrible quality for a doctor to have. Getting Ready for a First Date
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    Sounds like a substandard practice in every way!

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