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Thread: Feeling stupidly poetic

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    Nov 2015

    Feeling stupidly poetic

    Cancel the wedding spit in her face, stomp on her dress she is such a disgrace, i wish she would catch her disease, her cats infested with fleas, i was down on my knees, babe this is my release. She makes you frown, I wish she would drown, In my tears, im fighting back fears. Dont forget about who loves you, dont turn my heart blue. Leave her rotten soul behind, There is so much love here in me to find.

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    Ouch ... disturbing.

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    Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned

    She can't let go, so be forewarned

    She'll undermine you if she can

    Even if she's got a new man

    She doesn't want sex or money

    But watch your kids and your bunny

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