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Thread: Christmas card for my crush?

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    Originally Posted by kellyjay
    I wonder.... what happened?! Did you give him the card? What was the result? I found this thread because I am planning te same. He looks shy also but did ask me for my name when we ran into one another alone. Most of the time I see him where he sells lunch tickets, so I have to be the one to think of small talk (except for the time when he caught me by surprise and asked my name when we were alone, and I rushed out of there because I didnít feel pretty that day, it was raining, lol). Iím thinking about giving him a greeting card and since heís a temporary employee, give him my email with the excuse that Iíll keep him posted about permanent jobs. Bwahaha. But after reading this thread, it seems like most people disapprove of giving any card at all! Thatís why Iím dreadfully curious about what happened!!
    The OP hasnít logged on in 3 years.

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    Awww, thatís a pity!

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