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Thread: What should I do about this situation with my boyfriend?

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    Originally Posted by waterlilly102
    I just wish I could be more of a priority in his life.
    That's understandable, but you're not. That's the bottom line, and no amount of nagging or manipulating will change it.

    He's showing you exactly who he is and where you stand with him. Wishing HE would be different is a waste of energy, and it just keeps you focused on being miserable.

    You get to decide whether this guy is a good enough deal for you 'As Is'. If so, then here you are, and if not, there are other guys in the world to date.

    Head high.

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    I have exact same problem mine is obsessed with fishing and I just donít know what to do anymore. I literally feel replaced. He keeps saying to me oh just this one Friday but I know he will do it again and it just really upsets me that he doesnít see why Iím upset Iíve been with mine 4 years!!! I have a lot to let go of and I donít want to his my first love and I love him to bits itís so hard!

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