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Thread: Book List :Feminist, Fantasy, Awesome

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    Book List :Feminist, Fantasy, Awesome

    Hi enotalone long time no e-hugs, I have a book list that I'd love to put up for all you nerds--just binged at the bookstore. Could actually live off the place if they served salad too. And some questions. So my chaplain said GRRM was nothing special, and I read him and maybe it's just that I had poor book experience but I think he's awesome. Right now I'm on his first book, 'A Game of Thrones', and I'm halfway through it. The man can write.

    I picked up lately:

    GRRM, "A Game of Thrones"
    After the protest from my chaplain I picked up Robert Feist's "Rift War Saga: Apprentice"

    So a horror comedy by Margaret Atwood, "The Stone Mattress".

    Asimov with Foundation, also picked up Robot Visions

    My friend is trying to get me into the feminist Naomi Wolfe so I picked up "Vagina" (no seriously)

    There's also Stephen King with 'On Writing' if you're like me and love to write (and you're really bad at it...you're probably better). Ironically they say it's the best book he's written even though he's predominantly horror/thriller

    I guess I'll leave it there. Please please leave me some suggestions, Austen? ens? Your own? Hemingway? Getting Ready for a First Date

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    Book stores are really fun. I don't know about living there, but I could probably spend a couple days. I can't believe someone said GRRM was "nothing special". He has such a gift of character and viewpoint. As the Song goes on, the plotting gets a little weak - but he is juggling like 300 characters (a dozen or so focal characters) and most readers still grasp what's going on! It's amazing. Some writers barely manage 3 focal characters and it's harder to follow.

    'On Writing' is very good, though be warned that Stephen King is one of those who doesn't plan his stories out. I am more of a planner (or at least, I know that I NEED a lot of planning, or I consistently run my stories off a cliff or into a dead end) so there wasn't that much in there that was directly applicable to me, besides the fascinating stories (especially dealing with rejection). If you are in the same style as him you may find more there.

    I have an audible account and buy my 2 books a month, and I've done so for about 5 years. I can only listen to about 1 book a month. So I have a long list to work through at this point lol. Currently working my way through Brandon Sanderson, and for lighter fare, the No.1 Ladies Detective Agency series.

    Hyperion cycle by Dan Simmons was the most noteworthy read this year.

    Tried Robert Jordan for like the third time, it's just too plodding for me. I can read one or two books, but then I can't continue.

    The Marian by Andy Weir - now coming to a theater near you! One of my favorite things is reading a book a couple months before the adaption is announced. This happens quite often if you read a lot and read what a lot of people are interested in at the moment, because that's how execs get word of it.


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