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Thread: Silent treatment from boyfriend for over a week. Feeling desperate! :(

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    If someone did what you had done (and I honestly would have been angry), I wouldn't give the silent treatment! I'd either have a discussion about it or I'd end the relationship after explaining why.

    Silent treatment is so ridiculous.

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    Originally Posted by tristeamour
    Hi intheferns, thank you so much. You are spot on with everything you have said!

    Usually when he finally talks to me he acts like nothing has happened (if he has done something wrong) and we never speak of it again. I am always to scared to bring it up in case it causes another argument or silent treatment.

    I know people will say I am stupid as I don't want to walk away, but I don't feel like I want to give up just yet. I have left him alone since Saturday now, which is a new record for me and for him of ignoring me. It is sooo hard! How long did you go with your ex giving you the silent treatment? Did he come to you eventually?
    Believe me, he remembers ALL of these infractions of yours. He takes them out and polishes them to remind himself. Just because you folks don't talk about it doesn't mean it's gone away - it's just being stored as ammo for the next time he gets upset. My ex has temporal lobe damage, it causes memory issues yet he'd pull out something I'd said off hand weeks or months earlier that I couldn't even remember and attack.

    Stop being afraid of setting him off by trying to address an issue. This is fundamentally important that you be able to talk like adults about conflicts and resolve them. Silent treatment people stew in resentment - that's how they can maintain it. Can you imagine the depth of dislike they have to summon to behave like this? That is directed at you? This resentment is going to poison your relationship. He will be set off more and more easily and you will be uncomfortable in your own skin worrying about not setting him off.

    Yes, he'd always come back around after he was done giving me the treatment. I'd duck my head and be inoffensive and wait until he talked to me. Ugh, never again. If any future partner ever does this again I will unleash the Furies of Hell on his head. Never again.

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