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Thread: Another online daing journal

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    I don't get that either!

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    I am almost giddy with excitement. I started 18 months ago with home equity loan to fix up my tired looking town home.

    I started with the two upstairs bathrooms. Total remodel for both and one went sideways, had to hire someone to redo it. While trying to find someone who will redo someone else's negligent work I had all the ceilings scraped, textured and the entire house painted. I told them to not bother protecting the (off white) carpet because it was going to be replaced.

    All this came to a head with my sons wedding, only to return to put my mom in the hospital to unexpectedly lose her 5 weeks later.

    Most of last year was spent wrapping up her estate and getting her home ready to sell.
    I now associate home remodeling with traumatic experiences. Meanwhile I've been making payments on the loan that sits there, unused and I stare at this thrashed carpet and it drives me up a wall. Not to mention the white 12 inch tile that covers my kitchen and dining room floor. I cuss all of them every time I walk in the door.

    Next week the entire down stairs, including the stairs will be redone with laminate hard wood floors.
    I have a little anxiety about it. I have to pack things up this weekend and tolerate things being torn up for 4 days.
    Add in I'm still only 75% from my surgery. Any time on my feet, let alone walking and lifting things I end up paying for with a world of hurt. Should it last this long???

    There's just no easy way to do it. Ugh. Excited and anxious.
    Carpet for the upstairs bedrooms next. When? It all depends how traumatic this ends up being.

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