Im a 18F, my ex (19M) have been broken up for nearly 4 months after a 3 year relationship. Guess considering my indecisiveness its best to start a journal instead of asking for advice.
Since our breakup, we have continued contact and had a fwb situation (this has stopped for about two weeks). It made me sad, so i went NC which only lasted two days until he would message me and he has continued to initiate contact.
Several days ago he said he wanted to take things slow after i confronted him about our confusing relationship since we still kind of flirt. He wants to see me on Friday to see how we feel about each other... at first I was thrilled that he wants to take things slow and showed signs of jealousy and interest in my life. But right now im at a dilemma on whether i should agree to take things slow. I feel like i should wait until hes 100% certain and tell him that during this time he will just be like every other guy to me, that my options are open and that if he really wants me he should show me. At the same time i feel like this is too pressuring and might be damaging.