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Thread: The Imsuperman Files

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    Rain Down On Me From A Great Height

    I think it's less an identity crisis for me, but I think they used my being out on FMLA to reevaluate my position here. Since this is my first full time/career-type job, it ultimately meant a career reset for me. Not only that but the lack of transparency when they did it. No one sat me down and said, "This is what we're thinking." I suspect they are catering to complainers. I heard our "Tier 2" guy, my previous documentation colleague, asked why I got put on the new doc project and not him since he's the "Senior" title person. He's a great technical mind. An innovator. But he's not someone who is a leader in my opinion. There are also a couple of women who are mad that they're not Tier 2, but neither of them has the stress management or temperament to do it anyway. I was on the Tier 2 teameven though I wasn't a Tier 2, because I didn't do support. This gave me "exempt" status, meaning I am salary and have a ton of freedom with comp time. In my last one on one, my manager said some time in the future they wanted to make me hourly again, and take my current title away now that I do support and not doc.

    So my doc career, what I have two degrees and four plus years of job experience in, is essentially over. And they want to make me hourly. He said I'd keep my pay, and have the chance to work overtime. I'm doing an MBA part-time, when will I be able to get overtime?

    Funny anecdote: So our training guy runs the doc meetings I'd be doing if they'd have followed through on their promise. I had, like a magician, avoided these meetings because I didn't care for them. They made me go last Thursday. Trainer guy yelled at everyone for typing too loud, saying we were there to learn. This is the only thing I remember from this utterly pointless meeting. What will they do, put me in detention? The meeting was awful, unstructured, and had no agenda. The analysts hate it, because it's just a time sink.

    It's all been wild.

    I'd like something new, and maybe somewhere new. But I'd also like to remain close to my parents. My dad is retiring in November, so hard to tell where they will go or when they would be willing to move.
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    Originally Posted by imsuperman
    And they want to make me hourly. He said I'd keep my pay, and have the chance to work overtime.
    You say that like it's a bad thing. But you'd be making the same amount, even if you are unable to work the overtime.

    I'd kill for wages again. Overtime is time and a half when you are paid hourly wages. If you are lucky enough to get paid overtime on a salary, it is typically straight time. But usually there is no opportunity for overtime with salaries over $50K.

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