Still dating around. One woman I had over five or so times dropped me. It was more her insecurity. She knows I talk to everyone and doubted she could keep me. we'd go to bed and she'd kind of want to stay and I'd kick her out. I can't sleep with someone draped all over me.

There was a cool Pharmacy tech I went out with twice. She probably would have went home with me the first night if she didnít have to work. She texted at 11 saying she had a great time and everything and wanted to do it again.She works nights The second time she was supposed to come to a place near me, but she texted an hour before asking if I could come closer to where she was. She brought her roommates and they bowled a couple times with us and left us alone after we got flirty. She said we could hang out after the holidays, I asked and she seemed to no longer have any interest all of a sudden. Oh well. I donít care.

Got on Hinge and Bumble. Nothing going on on Bumble at all. No one ever matches or messages. Hinge has been better. Got a number the first night I got it but she turned out to be a bit crazy. She freaked out when we got to talking about cat fishing and I said sheíd better not show up being a former ďMy 600 pound LifeĒ subject. She was 5-2 and weighs 100 pounds. She thought it was offensive and I donít know what people have been through etc. I blocked her. I don't care.

I was 30% bodyfat and now Iím 12. I hate when people act like theyíre the only ones that have struggled. I do Cryotherapy twice a week on the closest setting. Sunday I went there and these women were screaming. I get in there and just stand and chat up the girls that work there.

My whole body still experiences paresthesias and fasciculations. These are not related to the brain cyst, or to the Lyme which they now think I didn't have. I often feel like my whole body needs a foam roller. The nerves in my lower back burn. And like, imagine the bottoms of both your feet twitching whenever you're not standing. All day. And then your back twitches and then your butt then a bicep and then a calf maybe. Whatever spices it up. I saw Neurology yesterday and they have no idea. They are trying to treat symptoms now.

They wanted me to take on some easier support requests at work. They said they wanted me at an average of fifty closes by the end of the quarter after I got back. I closed sixty in my first full month back, and I'm on pace for a hundred this month. Oh yeah and I also am a Workflow Manager five days a week all day.

It's all going on and I do it. Better me than someone that couldn't hack it.

I returned to basketball this week. Hit a game winner both days, Monday and today.

There's a new Hinge girl now.