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Thread: "How's your boyfriend going?" *cries* dies*

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    Nov 2013

    "How's your boyfriend going?" *cries* dies*

    Is anyone still being asked how their ex-bf or ex-gf is doing?

    I was introduced to a new work colleague today who said "hey you look familiar, you're dating so and so aren't you?


    I had to do to the bathroom and cry after I explained.

    I understand these people mean no harm but it hurts like hell.

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    Aug 2013
    It's amazing you posted this just now... I am totally going through this and get your pain completely....
    I had a 'thing' (lol i still can't define it to this day) with a colleague - everyone at work could sense we had something going on, or at least knew we were super tight, partners in crime....
    When things didn't work out, although he has since left this job and relocated to a different city, it means one less place i have where i can get away from the memories and mentions of him....
    Because it's work it just means that i can't talk to anyone about this, or ask them to not mention him around me.... And now, with holiday parties and all that, he's going to be invited to most of them, which means i'm seriously considering taking time off to avoid running into him....
    Just now my boss invited me to drinks next weekend with a 'Oh and X is coming!' and I just managed a 'Fantastic!' before dashing to the loo cos I was tearing up....

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    Nov 2013
    Sydney, Australia
    It hits you out of nowhere every time doesn't it.
    I still have customers that haven't seen me for months come in that ask about the ex and the kids. Thankfully people do stop asking... eventually
    You learn to handle it with less shock after the first few times.
    Try not to explain either... that got me blubbering too. Keep your reply as simple as you can, then change the topic of conversation quick! Distract that brain!

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