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I agree with ND. "Rejection" is the term he used because there ultimately wasn't a second date. Whatever reason, either he or they didn't accept.

I *personal* feel like ND writes women off too quickly - but he knows himself better than I do, and he knows how he's attracted to women. If his initial instinct is "I'm not excited about it" (which seems to happen more often than not), but still goes through with a date, then he's still giving it a shot. He's allowed to have whatever standards he wants.
Yes I agree that he is entitled to his own standards and I think some of the commentary comes from having those standards and then the complaints or frustration he shares about challenges in finding a good match. I've commented in that vein in the past. Others did this time. I use and experience the term "rejection" differently than you described and when someone doesn't accept something whether a date or a friendship gesture I don't feel "rejected" or view it as a "rejection" -agree with BC on that one. We may have different meanings of rejection including different experiences of how intense a term it is.