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Thread: One sided sibling friendship

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    Sep 2012

    One sided sibling friendship

    I have a sister that lives out of state with her fiance and I understand that it's hard to keep in touch when you live far away from people, but I feel like my friendship with her is so one sided. I call, text, and facebook message her often and she rarely responds. She will respond to maybe 1 out of every 10 of my efforts to contact her, and she only contacts me to keep me updated on her wedding plans whereas I am going to be flying down where she lives to be her bridesmaid. I called her on Christmas day and got her voicemail and she never responded. Then I asked her how her wedding plans were coming and asked her if there's anything she needs done that I can do and I got nothing back. She does this with our other sister too who also thinks it's bs. Not only that, she seems to rarely knowledge anyone in our family anymore - it's all about her fiance's family. I have tagged her in family photos me her and I together on facebook and she untagged them, which maybe I can understand if she didn't think she looked good in them, but she posts constantly with statuses and photos of her with her "new family." The thing is, my sister has always been this way. Ever since she was a teenager, she would get a new bf and completely blow off our family to spend time with his family, even Christmases and stuff. It's almost like she wants to forget about us. I am starting to feel kinda crappy about it all because I make effort to keep in contact with her, plus I am working my butt off to save money to make the strip down there for her wedding in 3 months.

    Should I just tell her how I feel or am I being too emotional?

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    I have one step child that does not respond to texts/messages, and we often mention it to her, but she doesn't seem to change. What do your parents suggest?

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