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Thread: Crazy Love, The Odyssey of the Master Po.

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    Southern Arizona
    It's cold outside, winter is coming. Fall here is goofy weather; days of cold wind and an abrupt heatwave. I'm over 'her' but this weather brings out the memories and I was annoyed. However it's in me to do something so I perched near the woodpile, which I need to chop and soon, and thought of 'us' back in the day. The fall and winter were out time, we did quite a few things and places in the cold. In hindsight, I knew it would end but learned a hard lesson, don't #$#$# wait on it or hope it to grow into something. I'm talking of love.

    As I was healing, full non-contact for many months, this was the weather I suffered in. OMG! All I did was think of her - sit in my car; lonely, cold and utterly miserable. #$#$ that's crazy but I did it. Thank god I had the discipline not to call her. I may have if I had a number but when you do, which I found out, your damn well talking to a different person. It friggin hurts and sets you back awhile. So get up and do something, anything not anyone - anything. Build a house, go do something challenging; go plan a trip to the east or west, find a place (I suggest a bar) that's somewhat famous, go inside have a drink, have some chow then catch your flight home. Expensive? Probably but you're doing something.

    Can you get back with the person??? Maybe. Some have done it but it's a different you and them. Might as well forget and push yourself to find another, don't be surprise if people tell you that the new person reminds them of her/him. It's alright, it's not them just features you liked. I had a very good friend that broke up with his GF and she went back to the east coast, found somebody else and married him. He suffered awhile and a few years came to visit me. We talked and I tried to avoid the breakup talk but we were drinking good beer. Don't be me. lol. So he breaks out a pic of her and the new husband, I grimaced, belched good beer and handed the pic back. The new husband was a spitting image of him. He was amused. I was not, I cursed her and got a dirty look.

    Life is okay, my grandmother passed - it was okay she was well over a 100 but my mom is having health problems. I'm kind of spooked about losing her but inside I'm okay with some of it, she would be out of her pain. Dad is kind of lost, they were married very young and all they had was each other. I hear their stories, maybe I share them? and realize that their time is gone and nobody but them to recall it. I mean others of that era may share experience but nobody but them can tell you how they felt, what they did and what they saw. I listen. Jot some notes and I miss them, I have them but I miss my parents of long ago. Ugh.

    Today I think I'll get a list going of things to do around the ranch, places to go (CO and Las Vegas) and some eats to make or enjoy - thinking steak and all the trimmings.

    It'll pass, the hurt isn't forever - get busy living and you'll be happy. I'm proof of that.

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    Dec 2010
    Southern Arizona
    One of my 'bucket list' activities is to write a screenplay, don't know how but read enough scripts to beat it silly. I missed a good chance to actually go to workshop for scriptwriting, it was during the Sedona Film festival. I was working it, hauling fancy people around and I did get to meet two screenwriters and we had a nice conversation about the whole process. Their advice was to work at each day, just work at it, discard and keep and voila - progress and completion. I nodded my manly jaw and figured why not, nobody's gonna do it for me. So .. let me think.

    The direction I got perking is something I experienced, maybe it would better to describe then crayon it out.

    A girl, high school age, came to my ranch late one afternoon. My parent's, long retired, were out and about and I did not know where. Common place. Ranch is remote, spooky if you don't know it but gorgeous to me. The girl, lived a few miles back in the hills, a long kidney busting dirt road. The school bus came way early and late, late being the sports people and most likely the academically driven. She was both.

    She had or her family noticed me, I was the guy fixing our portion of the #$#$ road. No heavy equipment, couldn't afford it or haul it if were available. Since I'm a military engineer of some experience, I apply 'arm strong' to the problem, always trying for the most economical, time saving fix. Sometimes it works.

    So there she was, she walked up the main house and I noticed her from my workshop 50 odd yards away. Very timid, eyes everywhere - eyes looking for our Cujo of a dog. We didn't have one our friendly had long expired, too many years of good living. I was not in the mood for a replacement any time soon. So I watched her knock, softly at first, then a good warrant serving knock. Amused me. I watched a little bit longer and stepped out when she uttered a long painful sigh. She was scared and whatever she was facing, still had to be faced. I had no idea of what but I don't like seeing anybody in distress. So I stepped at and at this distance still managed to scare her. I must be a sight but then I'm me, don't exactly dress up doing ranch work. I waved and motioned her to come over, making an exaggerated walk over to bench so she could see I was unarmed other than body odor and the spam/onion sandwich I had. It's pretty good when heated, an acquired if not. Har.

    She walked up, good 10 foot barrier and asked me if I was Master Po? the guy who drove the white truck, motioning to it as well. I said yes, I am the man. She bit her lip, very cute, and asked if I could help her. I stood up, 12 foot barrier, and motioned with my hands - what?? She needed a ride to a nearby town, nobody was home at the end of Kidney busting road. It was getting dark and she didn't want to walk the miles. I was busy, had loose livestock, if I ran off with her then it would be a major chore to find them the next day. Livestock tend to know when it's time to read the bus schedule. So problem? Solve it - that's what I do.

    Told her she had three choices, well two actually, her nice clothes and shoes negated the third, which was rounding up the livestock. She could saddle a horse, bring my livestock and we could take off, second, she could stay at the house until I was ready and back with livestock or third, if she had a drivers' license she could take my truck and bring it back with someone later. She gave me the big doe eyes', I scared the hell out of her and putting decision making on top of it was probably agony. I didn't care, I had a ranch to run, run with me or don't. Right?? She did a slow pirouette, stared at my truck, me, the country where the livestock resided. She chose the truck, I threw her the keys and told her not to wreck it. Country life. She could steal and wreck my truck but we help each other, and yeah, I had a passing acknowledgement of her family. Plus I once did what she did and it was a concern to walk miles in the dark. Especially for a young girl.

    I went back to my shop, got my welding rigged for the next day and busied myself for a long jaunt getting to the livestock before dark. She took a bit to get my truck, no gear grinding so that made me happy then she was gone. Some dust in the air, I figured I'd have a visitor or two about midnight, truck return, I hoped they'd gas it a little.

    My thoughts during my round up were how fast could I grill some chicken, as well as what to make with and maybe .. maybe some tortillas. Love tortillas but don't like making them, some days are better than others.

    I heard a metal crushing crash.. nah, just kidding. Start the screen play for that in a day or so, meaning 3 weeks. I hope not. This is therapeutic. lol

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    Dec 2010
    Southern Arizona
    I suppose I should start a new thread with this, I should but neh. I'll keep it together, the entire project is eating at me, I see it and feel the words. Maybe that's the process I'll get it going, as the relief is genuine. All apologies to the true scriptwriters, I figure to write it out and edit at some later date, maybe add or subtract. My goal is for a person to see the scenes and live them alongside me. So here we go.

    Kitchen scene. Washing dishes, putting away dinner, talking. She brought my truck back and accepted dinner before I drive her home. Very aware she's a minor. Cultural and social landmine.

    M(Me): Washing dishes, quiet. Content listening to mix on laptop.
    G (Girl): Quiet, scraping the scraps into a plastic bag, wants to feed her dog. Very little conversation at dinner.

    Amarillo by morning playing in the background.

    G: How long you been back here?
    M: Casting look, silent. Uncomfortable silence.
    G: I didn't mean to pry.. I'll shut up..
    M: Nods.

    Song goes into 90's song, music cuts off, spotty reception.

    M: I came back .. maybe off and on two years ago... why?
    G: Cautious reply. I was curious.. that's all.
    M: Get the broom, it's over next to the fridge. Sweep the deck and we'll be done. We should get you home, I know your people are getting worried.
    G: Okay.

    Dishes and clean up done, kitchen clean and glowing. Lights go off, G grabs her bag and jacket, walks out the door, waits.

    Truck grinds out the driveway, long rough drive ahead. Lights cut into the darkness. Soft features of a tired girl catch my eye. She's full and sleepy. Sad, poor and meals are hit and miss.

    M: Alright. Ask your questions, I'll give you four and I'm asking four. Deal?
    G. Surprised, recovers quickly,. Where is your wife? I remember her, she was beautiful and .. and I wanted to meet her.
    M: I divorced her a few years ago. It didn't work out, I don't know why. We just didn't want each other anymore... it happens
    M: I think you would've liked her... worshiped her, she had a way... kind and generous. I support goals.. ambitions, I'll give you her address and you should make a visit.
    G; No... I would be too afraid...
    M: Afraid of what?? She won't bite.
    G: I know.... but never mind.

    M: What did your mom say about me?
    G: She asked where I got the truck, she knew but she had to ask. I told her about coming to your place.. our talk... and you giving me the keys. She was bothered by what you did.. I don't know why?
    M: Yeah... I understand. She was bothered by two things... your situation, she's scared for you and angry that she can't provide a ride for you.. that some strange guy gave you something and what does he want in return? Mom stuff.. mom worries...

    Silence. Big jackrabbit caught in the headlights, travel is 10 mph but the rabbit makes it seem faster.

    G: She gave me some money to give to you.. here!

    G hands me a wrinkled handful of $1's. I push it back.

    M: Give me $3... all I want is a soda and some hot peanuts. Keep the rest or give it to your mom, up to you. Your mom will feel better that I got something.

    Road is rough, sloshing us side to side. Sad again, nobody can live up here, too remote and dangerous but it's all they have. The background will surface but sad that it will sad.

    G: Okay..
    G: Pockets the money, minus the 3 which is carefully placed on next to my right hand, I open it and accept.

    M: Tell your mom I'll be up here to fix the road... tell her so you guys know who it is, don't want anyone thinking I'm stranger.. a stranger danger.
    Quiet chuckle.

    G: She'll know.. did you want help??
    M: No... not now but later I could use someone to break rock and other stuff... can't pay much but I provide good chow and water.
    G: I'm scared of you.. I don't know why?
    M: I know... believe me I know.. and I can tell. Don't think of it, just know you're safe .. safest place in the world.
    G; How do you know I'm scared? I just told you.
    M: It's a long story... maybe I see you again.. maybe I won't .. but one day.. someday.. we'll talk about it and you'll be confused .. maybe not.

    Bump to a halt, roughly 100 feet from the dimly lit home. People are coming out, watching.

    G: Thank you... thank you very much for the ride plus dinner
    G: Opens the truck door, slides out picking up bag and leftovers.

    M: You're welcome... I'm going to say hello make my manners and leave. Your mom will expect that, she won't like it but that's how things are done... okay?
    G: Shrugs.. Okay.

    Walking up to the home, meeting the mom and shake her hand, make the excuse I have livestock I need to go back. Nod at the girl, leave. Didn't want them to feel obligated to me.


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    Southern Arizona
    School bus stop. Early in the morning, sun hasn't come up yet. Drinking African coffee. Gourmet coffee her mom got from a friend. Poured from an old thermos, battered and seen better days. Sipping slowly, very good coffee, feel heart racing. Girl is quiet, well dressed, gorgeous. No longer fearful, she's content. Good.

    G: Slow turn. I can tell you don't drink coffee.
    M: Staring forward, canteen cup with two handed grip. Sipping. How do you know that? Waiting for me to drink it hot? Watching for the steam to come out my nose, ears... and other places??
    G: Laughs. Girlish giggle. Eyebrows raised. Mister... that's funny... the way you talk.. you can almost see what you describe.
    M: Smile. Too dark to see. I suppose.. glad you're laughing... you're either not scared of me or decided something about me.. something interesting but I don't want to know.. it would stick in my head and I sighs.. would have to ask you about it.
    G: My mom says you were in the military. You had a ceremony, she was there and you were really pissed off.
    M: Yeah.. I served.. served a lot of years... I don't know why your mom thought I was pissed... then again, I'm told I have an angry look even... sips coffee... when I'm happy.
    G: Mom says the military ruins people... makes them angry all the time... they fight and are dangerous.
    M: Yeah. So stay away from them. Back to sipping coffee, when she leaves pour it out, too much for my system, I can hear my blood pumping.
    G: Have you beaten people up?
    M: Yep. Every time I do my laundry and someone takes all the laundry carts. Sometimes though one of the housewives will put a good scrap, takes me awhile to unlock her legs from around my throat.
    G: Laughs softly. Silence. Okay.
    M: Changes subject. What did you mom say last night? I know she was worried.
    G: Nothing. She looked me over and decided I was taken care of... mom stuff. She did ask if you took the money. I told her what you said. She didn't say anything and told her I ate at your place.

    Miles of road stretch to our left and right. A bouncing headlight comes from the south, slow and measured. The school bus. Estimated time of arrival 10 or so minutes. She's watching me watch the bus.

    M: I think there she is. I'll be here when you come back tonight. You want to go to the ranch or head home, that's up to you.
    G: I didn't tell my mom so I guess .. back to my place. I have a few bucks.
    M: Don't worry about it. I can spare the gas.
    G: I'm going to ask you a question, okay??
    M: Before you do.. what time should I be here? 7ish?
    G. Laughs. 7ish??? I bet you got that from your wife?

    Silence. Sipping coffee.

    G. I leave school at 5 so around 545 so say .. 530.
    M. Okay...

    Bus looms up the sloping grade. Interior lights come on. She opens the door. I nod at her. She's gone into the darkness.
    Adolescent boys stare out the window, curious looks at me, hopeful looks at her. Not jealous but maybe later on. She has a beauty. A curse and a blessing I was once told.

    Bus goes over the rise and is gone, pour out the coffee - way too much for me, I bet I could breakdance. Lots to do today, get started and today I will visit the mom.


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    The bus chugs to view. Cold twilight covers the land, G steps off, female bus driver talking to her, she shakes her head. Door closes, bus rolls on, she stands there. Smiles when she sees the truck. Crosses the road, bag parked over shoulder. Tired, had a nap but woke up tired.

    G: How was your day? Mine was good!
    M: Stretches, Wonder how red my eyes are. It was okay, what was good about yours?
    G. Some guy asked about you?? Mischievous smile.
    M. Me? Did I owe him money? Date his mom? Cranks engine, slowly depress the clutch. Better yet.. does he look like me?
    G. Chuckles. No.. none of that... he told me to watch out for you!...
    M: Turn slowly, eyes leave road, look at her. Lift head, raise eyebrows - body language that says 'tell me'.
    G. He told me that a bigfoot lives in the canyon the canyon next to your house. He said he saw you out there... the bigfoot leaves you alone.
    M. Oh that bigfoot, shot it and ate it awhile back.
    G. Eyes wide, shocked, licks her lips. Elvis on the radio, "are you lonesome tonight".
    M. . tasted like chicken.... serious expression.
    G. Softly. Really???!!!!
    M. No.

    Sun goes down. Crossing a giant wash, dim light makes all reddish and glowing. G staring at me and I take a quick peripheral.

    G. Tell me... I want to know.
    M. When I was at the U. One of the topics we covered was methods of social control. Meaning how societies control their people. Monsters were a part of it. Monsters... vampires,.. stuff like that.
    Shifting down, road getting rough. G is attentive - appears to be hold breath.
    M. So people were coming down the canyon.. looking at ruins and making themselves at home. I was pissed off.
    G. Why?
    M. They acted like it was theirs to play with... I found trash, fire pits and some of the ruins were damaged.
    M. What really pissed me off is they wrote their names on the walls. I hate that.. any kind of graffiti... no Bueno with me.

    Silence. Quick glance. G is scared. Big eyes returned.
    M. Are you afraid?
    G. Yes.
    M. Okay.. I'll shut up.
    G. No... tell me.

    M. So... I got tired of it, especially when they came out of the canyon and helped themselves to water and I could see their tracks wandering all over my house. Rude. I would never do that.
    M. I thought of making bear tracks.. but most people don't know what a bear track looks like or even a bear. So.... I was watching a movie and bigfoot was talked about. Gave me an idea.
    M. I made bigfoot tracks and a shape..... big hump and a head.
    G. Oh...
    M. When people saw the tracks.. and the shape at different times.. they left, nobody goes down there.
    G. So you pretended? There is no bigfoot??

    M. Maybe, that's a dark canyon. Lots of things walk through the river bottom. I don't bother them they don't bother me.
    Slow grind up a hill, house is in the distance, lights on. Mom watching, dinner ready.

    M. I talked to your mom today.
    G. Sharp look. When? What about??
    M. Relax, I told her I didn't like you walking by yourself. You are welcome to stay at my place, I can't stop people from talking and I don't care because... because its your safety but between us we can figure something out. Keep you safe and people from thinking things about us.
    M. You may not understand but... but it's important if some people think bad of you... it could lead to trouble.. reasons to try and you know.. hurt you.
    G. Biting lip. I wish you had told me...
    M. Now I am. I'm going inside, your mom has cooked dinner. I'll eat and leave.
    G. I wish you .. I wish you... hadn't. I don't want you to see my home. We're poor.
    M. I don't care. It's what you make of things... my place was well never mind. We can talk about it later.
    M. But.... if you're really embarrassed I'll tell your mom no and leave. I hope I don't hurt her feelings but I'll do it.
    G. No... it's okay. Pull her bag to her chest. Quiet, dreading,

    Dinner was excellent. Provided meat and vegetables. Mom understanding she would cook for me and we'd share the meal together. Mom relieved but not entirely on board with the request. No matter, G will eat. G. eating and visibly embarrassed we dined by upended flashlight. It'll pass or it won't. Drive home uneventful more jackrabbits cross the road. Big foot .. my ranch... big foot ranch. Why not.
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    Bus rolling away. G walking towards me, body stiff. Angry walk but curious.

    G. Sweeps back hair, stands away from driver door. Hey... thought you left?
    M. Slow head motion, universal for get in. I did and now I'm back. Get in.
    G. Heavy book bag thumps on cab floor. Look of sadness, anger.

    Crank up the truck, slow three point turn, heading up the road. Road is rutty and greasy, lots of ice and snow the past week.

    G. So you going to tell me? Where'd you go? Why didn't you tell me or someone?
    M. Laughs. Angry look in return. When I was young and adorable, I went to Las Vegas for a 4 days, I was married at the time and forgot to call the wife. She said the same thing.
    M. How's school? Having trouble with anything? I ask because ... super angry look.
    G. Let me out. I'll walk. Slow stop, G gets out, hefts the bag, walks away.
    M. Thought. Guess I screwed that one up. Screw it, I'll follow her and watch from a distance.
    Tired. Closed eyes, instantly fell asleep. Neck forward, deep breathing. Waking up is going to hurt. So tired, limited sleep for several days.

    Banging sound. G jumps in. No bag. It's dark.

    G. My mom says you should come up, she has dinner. She wants to talk to you.
    M. Groggy. Eyes raw. Okay..

    Drive is silent, distance is not far, notice there are no more jackrabbits. Nature has fed the carnivores? Perhaps.

    G's mom. Walks to the door. Dishcloth. Wipes hands. Holds a large knife. Hello!!! So glad to see you, I was wondering....
    M. Stiff walk. Hello.. I'm here. Tight smile. I'm not good with sharing my travels. I should work on that.
    GM. Everything okay? Concerned look.
    M. No.

    Candles light the room. Warm but dark ambiance. Candles are in clean jelly jars. Nice. Homey.

    M. Here you go,. Hands over knife. It's sharp, it's good quality should hold an edge for awhile.
    GM. No. You slice the roast with it, I'm sure we're all hungry.
    M. Okay. Slices roast quickly. Plate is filled with vegetables and mashed potatoes.
    G. Slides the plate towards me. Holds up napkin questioningly. Not so angry. Curious.
    M. I nod.
    GM. So glad you're back, we've had some bad weather, almost a foot of snow. Melted fast though. Silverware clinking against the plate.
    M I nod. Eat, stare at the plate. It's really good.

    M. In thought. G and GM talk about local affairs, school and avoid the gorilla at the table. Room is warm, smells nice.

    M. My cousin killed himself.
    M. I went to go bury him.. or I had to find money to bury him. He died alone.


    M. Look up, two pairs of eyes staring at me, concern some shock.

    M. Thank you for the fine meal. It was very good.
    Slides chair out, grinds across the wood floor. Noisy.

    M It was something I had to do. I'm back now. sad smile, head nod.

    Closed door softly. Drive back rough and don't feel like going home. Feel like driving and falling asleep somewhere high in the mountains. No gas money. Go home.

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    Wind is blowing hard. Dusty and cold. Temperature is dropping rapidly, walking along a chalky sand cliff looking for a lost critters. Expensive critters.
    M. Damn. It's MF cold. Thoughtful, pursed lips. I'll stay out here until last light, maybe build a fire. Not like I've got things to do. Stretch, cold muscle are not helpful.

    Deep canyon. Wind howling overhead, spooky yet lonesome. Piling up gathered cottonwood branches, fire even a brief one is good.

    G. Hey...
    M. F#$#!! Hard stare. What are you doing out here? #$#$#$ . Embarrassed, nobody ever sneaks up on me.
    G. I went to your place, no one home. Your truck was still there, I drove it over, thought you might be somewhere down here.
    M. Suspicious and alarmed. Where did you park it??
    G. Don't worry, it's out of the wind and no where near the edge. smiles, proud of herself.
    M. Gather some more wood, we need a good fire and find a stake big enough I can tie you to.
    G. Eye roll. Hustles after the wood. Not funny.

    Darkness falls quickly. Canyon moans and howls with rushing wind. Temperature dropping, nose is cold and thighs are burning.

    G. Well... what are you doing? This is not a good place to be.
    M. Me?? What are you doing here??
    G. Told you, thought you might be here... maybe need help. Wraps arms around herself, cold.
    M. Well maybe I do but not smart you coming down here, no light and no matches. Don't do that anymore.
    Silence. Lighting fire, catches slowly and dry wood catches fast. Fire won't burn long but it'll do.

    G. Want me to go??
    M. No, you're here, might as well help. I'm looking for some sheep.. they have lambs.
    G. How long?
    M. Maybe half a day, I think they're in the bottoms some where... along with a pack or two of coyotes. Probably done but I have to find out.
    G. So you going to walk down there? Wind's strong you won't hear them. I've been done there, one way in no way out.
    M. You're going to gather some wood, stay here with the fire... I won't be gone long.

    Wind rifles through the canyon, fire flares violently, threatens to go out. G is worried, doesn't want to be alone.

    G. Why can't I go with you?
    M. Because I travel hard and don't need to worry about you. You stay by the fire, once you're warm go back up the truck and drive it back to your place.
    G. You're going to be down here alone??
    M. Yes. If I find them, I have to stay with them all night. There's wood down there, no big deal.
    G. It's dangerous.
    M. I know... I live here.
    G. It's dumb. Dangerous.

    We look at each other, she's freezing and not dressed for this situation. Wind is howling, good place to film a scary movie. Darkness is seconds away. Fire burns weakly.

    M. Get some more wood. I'll walk up to the truck with you. I've got a lot to do and don't need to worry about you. Your mom is not going to like you down here... and yes, you'll tell her.
    Angry freezing look. Moves closer to the weak, wind blown fire.

    Laying on top of river bank, distance to the bottom is 12 or so feet. I found the herd, just need to get down there. Build a fire and get comfortable. Bell tinkles softly, herd is confused they've never been here. Take a look into the darkness, see a small shard of light on top, she's in the truck. Should be home inside an hour, good.

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