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Thread: " I'll call you tomorrow" - and then nothing at all. story of my life

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    " I'll call you tomorrow" - and then nothing at all. story of my life

    So, I'm going through a challenging work situation, and I was able to speak to one of the Top Dawgs about it 3 weeks ago. She is supposed to be an advocate for people in my field at my place of work and she is almost the highest on the chain of command at work. when I spoke to her 3 weeks ago, she said she was going to speak with HR the next day about my concerns during a meeting that was already planned, and would get back to me the day after her meeting. Well, I didn't really expect to hear back from her or anyone the next day, but I did expect by the end of the week. The week passed and I received no call, no email. So, I sent a succinct email to follow up myself. Still nothing.

    Is it so difficult to send someone a email to let them know what is going on??? Even if she doesn't have the news that *I* hope to hear, at least let me know!! I would never leave someone hanging like this. EVER. And I don't undersand people who do. It happens in my personnel life as well, "Hey, I'll call you this weekend" - and then NOTHING. If I call, it goes to VM and there is no follow up call.

    SOOOOOO annoying.

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    Sometimes management stick together. Could be she is just busy, but I would wipe out hopes of her helping you with your situation at work. Sometimes, you can't deal adequately with work issues internally.

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