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Thread: My Relationship Problems

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    My Relationship Problems

    So I haven't been In this relationship but like 2 weeks(maybe) and I'm already having issues. So my current boyfriend was my best friend for four years and for two of the four I've loved him as more than a friend. We had a very bad fallout for about 8 months last year all surrounding the topic of his sexuality. He is bi-sexual but won't tell me. Its not really an assumption his male exes have talked to me and told me in detail about their relationship and on of his female exes, my close friend also described how he basically cheated on her...let's call her P with her best friend J ( P and my boyfriend weren't together they were in the process of getting together) our fallout surrounded his ex J. J told him I was spreading his business and telling everyone that he was gay which I never did. He and J in my eyes became a couple again and my boyfriend just dumped me for J. (during this time he knew i liked him and he said we would work on starting our relationship) of course that didn't happen. I'm not going to say it doesn't bother me but i would never leave him because of his sexuality. I love him! I just want to know that I won't end up like P I want to talk to him but I'm scared he'll get so angry he'll leave me i know that sounds childish but while we weren't speaking I was severely depressed and It'll be worse this time around. should I address this...how do I even do it? I'm really confused and scared help please
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