Hey all,

Here's my situation, any feedback would be greatly appreciated. I am 25, and broke up with my long term girlfriend of 8 years when I was 22 (yes, that's right, we started dating when I was 14 and she was 15). We were mostly good, but I had this nagging feeling for a very long time that I (and she as much as I hate to admit) probably needed to date around some before we could go any further. Looking back, I wish I had not broken up with her. Anyway, as you can guess, I broke her heart entirely. And, in a weird way, I broke my own heart I think. She started dating another guy about 6 months after we broke up. I expected it to not be very serious between them, but they are still together (it has been about 2-2.5 years now). I started dating someone else as well, and have been with her for just under 2 years.

At first, I believed I was 100% over her. I went into my current relationship whole hearted. However, I can feel things creeping back for my ex girlfriend. It is almost as if I have this weird connection with her still even though the most contact we have had in 2.5 years has been talking on gchat. Anytime I think about the future, I inevitably see myself with her. My current girlfriend is amazing-she is sweet, caring, selfless, patient...everything a guy could hope for in a woman. However, I don't feel that special connection I had with my ex. On top of it all, I made a pretty rash decision to move in with my current girlfriend over a year ago. I don't know if I made myself forget about my ex too quickly, or told myself and convinced myself I was ready or something else, but I really am struggling here. I don't know whether to give it more time, or to break up with my girlfriend because it isn't fair to her, or whatever a third option may be.