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Thread: The Journey From Abandonment To Healing - book recommendation

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    The Journey From Abandonment To Healing - book recommendation

    The title of the book is 'The Journey From Abandonment To Healing'. I have seen this book mentioned a few times in posts over the past six months or so, but only recently, since a particularly well spoken poster recommended it, did I decide to pick it up. All I can say is, I wish I had bought this book a long long time ago! I recommend it to everyone going through a breakup.

    This book spells out in great detail EXACTLY what the "abandonment" experience is like, and why our minds and bodies react the way they do. It examines both sides of breakup, from dumpee to dumper and helps explain how much of what we assume to be traits of "us" or the "ex", are really ubiquitous amongst all humans. There is even an action plan to help calm your mind, and refocus your energy on healing. I'm only a few chapters in and I'm already blown away at the insight and detail of understanding.

    I've read a TON here on ENA, and have picked up several books on grieving and healing. A couple were pretty good, a couple were total crap. But this book beat them all, bar none. I bought a copy from Amazon for $4. A price well worth paying to get what I presently consider the bible for abandonment survivors.

    I wish I would have known how great this book was when I first saw someone post about it.

    I do not know the author personally, nor do I make any money from this book.

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    I LOVE this book. I found it about 5 years ago when perusing the self-help section. I thought "Hey, this sounds like my problem". And it's been a great comfort to me, I read it so many times over the 5 years it finally split into thirds and I got the kindle edition.

    Fantastic break-up book.

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    I love this book! Digs deeper than your current loss. Some of the exercises were hard for me to do. I can't separate little from outer. The other exercises were very relevant.

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    I have abandonment issues, and bought this book but haven read it yet. I'm the adult child of an alcoholic. I'm reading their big red book and its like someone wrote it after viewing my childhood life. Hopefully one I start my twelve steps and finish a few classes I can find time to read the abandonment book.


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    Is this book only for break-ups? or can it still apply for someone who has "daddy issues" father abandonment.... I feel most of my "issues" are because of my father leaving me as a young child?



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