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7.5 years on, just an update to let anybody who's interested know....

Dumped this girl about 7.5 years ago because she couldn't commit.
Realised that the whole time, she was the problem - not me..... seeee ya!

Anyway, few years later, met my now wife (when I wasn't looking)!
We've been together 6 years, 1st child on the way. Never been happier.

No silly games, no second guessing. Just a natural, easy-going relationship.
So my final advice would be....

"A relationship is like a fart, if you have to force it, it's probably a turd "

Don't muck around playing games and letter another person toy with your feelings, you'll meet the right person at the right time.
When you stop looking for the wrong person, that is.
Awesome...have a great life ahead 👍