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Thread: ping pong show.....on our honeymoon

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    Hi everyone. Been and gone on hens fortnight to France. Trekked mound blonc. Came back - I had been taking tablets to stop my period cause I was going to get it on the treck where there wasn't many facilities. The doc said I left it to late and he highly doubted the tablets would work (wasn't "the pill"). Anyway they seemed to - thought I was really lucky. Got concerned when I stopped taking the tablets and didn't get my period which the doc said would take about 2 days. 10 days later had a miscarriage worked out to b 2 months preg. My period before hand only lasted a day and was really light but shrugged it off. Anyway when I came back from trip fiancÚ was incredibly loving, cooked every night and was genuinely pretty upset about the miscarriage. I admittedly balled my eyes out. Cut a long story short - it's just made the decision allot harder for me and has encouraged my fiancÚ in wanting a baby ever sooner. Like I said, i don't want a child at this stage as it was only 2 months ago he was telling me he didn't want one and being suicidal/ odd behavior. He said to me when I told him he didn't have to cook that "I like cooking...and besides I have to convince u I'm not a jerk" which made my hope sink...I hadn't spoken to him at all about anything so it was an out of the blue comment. I tried to bring up my concerns about Thailand a little bit again but he kindly told me he wasn't talking about it and why would. Hae booked Thailand if it was such a big concern. Which in hindsight I wouldn't have but I was trying to do something "loving" and picking a spot he wanted to go when traditionally it's focused on the woman and I wanted him to feel equally cherished and loved..big mistake I guess. His called me every nearly every night since his been at work as appose to 2 nights in the fortnight. Why do I feel angry at him for making things so complicated? In the back of my mind I'm thinking "how dare u for thinking I'm so stupid, for pulling at my heart strings like a puppet. That u think u deserve my love after a week of niceaties. No, it just makes me even more frightened that u could be manipulative". But then again...I think I'm probably wrong, I know I love him and that's all I'm sure about. I feel like a monster for being angry at him while his being so nice to me. I told him the day he left for work that I was worried it will all fall apart again when he comes home..which I still believe.

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    A baby would tie you to him, and that is what he wants.

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    There are too many problems with this relationship to have a baby just yet. Try fixing it first before trying to bring a baby into it.

    It sounds wrong that he wanted to cook for you because he wanted to convince you he's not a jerk (i.e. it's for show), not because he's doing it out of love. Your fear that it will all fall apart again is valid. Temporarily being nice is easy, question is if it is genuine. If it is it will last, it will be consistent. If not, you will find out soon enough!

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