Ok, so the quote is a song lyric from Carrie Underwood's 'Good Girl' and I LOVE this line, kind of reminds me no matter how blonde and blue eyes Matt is I can't make the mistake of falling. I've learnt from my mistakes from the past, which is don't believe everything a guy tells you online no matter how much the compliments make you feel good, he's probably telling the same thing to other girls. I don't want to sound as if I'm obsessed with him, because i'm really not, it's just all I have going on in my life right now is college, I used to hang out with two good friends from high school, but they both moved so it's hard to hang out these days, so I really have no other friends except what you would call acquaintances. So I really can't help, but think about Matt as he is the only new thing that is going on in my life.

I guess it's the fact that he showed me attention and been affectionate towards me, something that I hardly get, so when that happens, I can't help but feel good even though I know I shouldn't. I would have just deleted him by now, but if I did that, I wouldn't have no one to talk to and it's hard being lonely. I leave my Facebook opened in another tab all day while I'm at college just because Matt messages me some time at 12pm which means it's morning there in New York. He messaged me today, but we only spoke for five minutes, then he went offline so I'm assuming he was at work, he said he missed me though. Maybe I'm steroe typing a little about him?...it's just I've had no luck with guys online and I just think he will turn out the same as the rest of them did. The best thing I can do is just stay friends with him and try not to fall for him.

I was going to go in the shower and do my hair, but it's almost 6:30pm here and I'll be having dinner soon, then after that I'll be watching the soaps and then American Idol, so I'll have no time to wash my hair. Unless I jump in the shower before dinner and them just scrunch my hair, but then it dries and looks just alright wavy, it's better if I braided my hair when it's wet and sleep with the braids in and take them out in the morning and then my hair will curl the way I want it to. But I want my hair straight and it'll take too long to straighten it now so I'll get up early tomorrow and do it before I go to college.

Well I'm going to go, gotta put some washing on the radiators and I want to take my Make-Up off, so I'll write soon.