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Thread: Anti-Rape/Sexual Assault Campaigns

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    Originally Posted by duke nukem
    For female on male rape, I'm not sure if I personally have ever heard of a case (other than Law & Order). I'm not saying it doesn't happen or couldn't happen, I just truly never heard of one.

    I think one of the problems for trying such a case would be current social stigmas, and that "all men like sex so it wouldn't be rape", or that a man would have to be aroused to be raped, which wouldn't be the case (for this point I'm ignoring sodomy). Just because a man were to have an erection would not mean he was willing, it's the body's response to stimuli. That would be akin to saying because a woman became wet during an attack, she obviously wanted it. Clearly that is not the case.
    ... Women have two holes. Men have one hole. Not all rapists are so discriminating about which hole it is they use...

    So perhaps now you can understand why it's so under reported.

    But yes, there have been instances where women have raped men. It's rare, though.

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    This thread has run its course.

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