i'll make everything short. am female and bi in a closet. before i work with her we flirted with each other once but since i started working with her i didn't. i manage to control everything because am working with her and am married in the first place. she knew it. is she attractive? yes. very. i don't know if she's gay or bi or not, but it doesn't matter. i think she knows that we don't have that much interest when we started to interact with each other one on one. i don't know. she had been given me signals which i constantly ignored. now recently i have a feeling that she's spreading rumors about me, absence of the evidence is not the evidence of absence, if you know what i mean. lately my job is quite on the down side. i don't know what she wants from me, is it attention? to me it seems like she's insecure and am starting not to like her anymore and gets on my nerves. i felt like she was very jealous on our ex guy boss before from all the attention he gave me (which i was just being nice and polite to him) and no, he's not even attractive and i don't fancy men besides my husband. so what do you all think?