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Thread: Chest Workouts For Women Make You Look Flat Chested

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    Chest Workouts For Women Make You Look Flat Chested

    I would assume yes because breasts are fatty tissue to begin with. But somebody told me no, that most fitness women who get breast implants are on steroids.


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    Well, I pretty much assume what you're born with is what you get...breast size, penis size, it's all the same genetics. Obviously you can change breast size a little by either going through pregnancy, which is a temporary gain, or through weight gain, which is generally an undesireable gain and it's usually not in the right places!

    I believe this link between beef and larger breasts is one that's worth looking into. I can't help but notice that those who are vegetarian or vegan more of then than not are also smaller. I'm sure it's not a rule, but it seems so to be a general trend.

    If you were not born with larger beasts, look on the bright side: you'll be fine working out. Sportbras will actually work well on you. You won't have wardrobe malfunction issues. They may get smaller, but then you'll be proportionally fitter anyways, which some guys really go for. Either way, i don;t think it wil lbe too extreme of a change, particularly if you're just doing a moderate workout.

    I seriously believe if they ever come out with two breast pills for women - a "Bigger" pill and a "Smaller" pill - that company will have discovered a GOLD MINE!

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    Well it's the overall loss of fat, not just with check workouts. Not every body's the same nor it will burn the fat the same but for the most part yes, working out usually will result in fat loss which can result in flatter chest for women. I'm not sure how accurate breast implants & steroid use are but female bodybuilders do use steroids and/or other hormone supplements to gain muscle mass. It's physically impossible to get that big otherwise with the very low testosterone level to begin with.

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    Breast size and genetics like someone says plays a big part. Also there are glands and milk ducts in there too, it is not all fat. Some women are never going to be flat chested no matter how much exercise they do because they are simply not meant to be that way.

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    "But somebody told me no, that most fitness women who get breast implants are on steroids"

    Which is an excellent to stop believing everything people tell you.

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    I have a friend who gains like 2 cup sizes in her off season from cross country. Intense cardio WILL reduce breast size. How much on the other hand definitely depends on genetics.

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    Most women who do not take pro-hormones do not have the necessary testosterone to have complete breast shrinkage, otherwise every fit woman would be flat-chested, which is obviously not the case. Chest exercises are great, man or woman. There is no reason not to lift weights just because you're a woman. That's bull. I wish women wouldn't buy into that.

    You can't spot-reduce, really. In the post above, that woman probably loses fat all over her body when she runs CC.


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