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Thread: Haven't heard from my boyfriend in two weeks

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    Originally Posted by RitaTrue
    Agreed. He's already checked out. He's gone. He's not even worthy of thinking about. Consider it done.
    I learned the hard way with my first ex. Good thing it lasted for 2 weeks.

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    Originally Posted by DylanNotorious
    I think you should just dump him. He doesn't even have to be told! Which is the good thing. It's just over - he's dumped.

    He totally did not care how sick your dad is, he used loop-holes to get out of your relationship. He was too coward to even just say "Hey this isn't working for me anymore" - he twists this onto you for "your tone" of the letter. What a crock.

    Whenever he gets tied down in his own things, he can't seem to be able to handle a relationship. You don't want someone who goes M.I.A everytime he gets swamped or feels stress. This wouldn't bode well in the future anyways.

    Just stand back and look at him for what he really is. Selfish.
    This. Totally. Honey, do you really want a boyfriend who IGNORES you for two weeks? Decide for yourself that it is over, because you deserve better treatment and a man that can communicate with you.

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    Originally Posted by Ahelas
    I bumped into his ex-girlfriend a week ago and she asked me if I'd heard from him and whether he was okay because he'd asked her to meet up for a coffee. I know it's not because he wants her back, they had a tumultuous relationship and she is now with someone else but they are really good friends and I know he finds it difficult to talk to people about things.
    I'm sorry but can you explain this part more?????? He is so busy with his thesis yet ye has time to go for coffee with his ex?? this is kinda odd to me. if I'm busy I'm busy for EVERYONE INCLUDING MY FAMILY let alone if an ex (i really don't care if she is with someone or not, ex is an ex no friendship period) how is he managing time to go have coffee with her and no time for you? you don't need this sweetheart.

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