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Thread: He is ignoring me ?! Is it over or does he need space ?

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    i agree

    i agree. he shiuld atleast tell her and be straigh-forward about what he wants to do.
    as the saying Goes, no relationship can be forced.
    whatever it is, to start or to end any relationship, a proper communication is definitely needed because not everyone is same....
    some people gets their answers through the silence. but some dont......
    i hope and pray whatever happens, may the best happens to you dear.
    good luck.
    Originally Posted by gumiibear
    I think he should still have the decency to tell her if it's over or not... I know that she was being somewhat pushy with him, but for him to give her the silent treatment for so long is just very cruel I think you should just try to move on and give him some time and space to miss you.

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    Originally Posted by jessica1987
    He told me he was the type of guy that was upfront about things, hes not scared to say whats on his mind or how he feels.
    What a man says doesn't always match up with reality. My last boyfriend told me exactly the same thing, but it became obvious later that this was absolutely not the case. Sure, he was fine with speaking his mind to people he knew he would never meet or see again, but when it came to me, our relationship and his feelings, he was dead silent. And pushing him to talk about it only made it worse.

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