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Thread: My girlfriend's sister changes in front of me... Is that normal?

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    Jun 2011
    Originally Posted by ~~Steven~~
    Yeah, I agree with this. Mostly because...oh I don't know, drinking with an 18 year old is ILLEGAL.
    No it's not...

    In most countries, 18 is the legal drinking age... Not everyone lives in the USA.

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    Platinum Member NightLily's Avatar
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    Your post kind of skeeves me out to be honest. I think you almost want something to happen. Is it possible she just doesn't even think of you as somebody to be attracted to so she doesn't care what you see?

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    Not normal. Either she wants you to give it to her or she is a major attention * * * * * who is totally shameless. To be honest, it doesn't sound like you're trying very hard to avoid the situation. You try to talk to her, send her text messages, stand by and not say anything, enthusiastically say goodbye when she leaves and so on. If you didn't want her to act like that you would tell your girlfriend "tell your sister to quit changing in front of me". If she did it when she wasn't around then tell her to put some clothes on. If you really want it to stop, when she starts doing that tell her to put some clothes on, but give her a reason like "you're not attractive, please stop" or "have you tried dieting?" although those comments would probably make her problems even worse.

    If you don't give a * * * * about your girlfriend break up with her and then go for her sister, unless she is way younger than you. Be aware though that your girlfriend *may* go absolutely INSANE on you.

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    go for the sexy one! loljk Stick to one and have fun with another I guess..


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    Mar 2011
    Why is this even an issue? It doesn't matter why an 18 years old kid does the stupid things she does, you are the mature one there, in a relationship with her sister, it's strictly up to you to put an end to this disgusting situation!
    Tell your girlfriend that her sister's actions are making you highly uncomfortable and that she needs to talk to her about boundaries.
    You do sound as if you enjoy this, and that's gross. Really? You are afraid of what will happen if you get drunk with the sister? You'll ruin a seemingly good relationship, you'll cause great distress to a family, and you'll be viewed as a pig, this is what will happen. It's not rocket science. Make the kid see how stupid she's being by doing that and she'll stop doing it because she'll feel rejected, as opposed to you ogling her, which is only encouraging her.

    Boundaries man. You need to set them, and the teenager needs to get some.

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