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Probably a bit of both. I'm very up and down and confused a lot of the time. You really think a journal would help?
I would recommend a journal. Do it on here or Blogger or even in a notebook, writing how you feel at a certain time can help, especially if you know people can't see it. I have always tried keeping a journal through most everything in my life. When my ex and I broke up I kept a NC journal on here.

It's going to be hard to keep things to yourself or not express them as much in the beginning but like Asti said, eventually, it will become a part of who you are.

Like my fiance told me the other day he worries about me not getting out of the house as much and being cooped up. Yeah I don't have a car but still. At first I took it badly but after I thought about it I realized he has a point, I do tend to not venture out. So I have made some plans over the next few weeks to get out of the house, go visit my best friend for her birthday and what not. It's hard but I know it's a positive change for me. Just keep thinking that.