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Thread: My married man cheating regularly with an escorts

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    My married man cheating regularly with an escorts

    English isn't my language, I'm sorry if my language isn't that good.
    First of all, I'm 22 years old. I have a relationship with a married man. He's still at 38. He's good looking and all the perfect category for men all that I can say. He's caring and loved me so much (for what I know). My sex life is amazing, we do it almost everyday except for Saturday. He can't see me every Saturday. We've been together for 1 year and suddenly I know that he's regularly pay someone for have sex. an escorts. it crushed me. I don't talk to him in the very beginning, when I confronted him. first he didn't admit all of it. he just talk like I'm the one who's crazy talk about nonsense. Until I showed him what he did. now, I don't know what to do anymore. I do love him very much even if I know that I will never have a bright future with him. some parts of me wants to take him back but i don't know how. will he be change? will he not cheats with an escorts anymore? what should I do and how....if anyone read this pls help me

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    Heck no he isn't going to change!

    And why are you with a married man? You are cheating yourself.
    He's cheating on his wife with you, and cheating on you both with escorts.

    Have some dignity and self respect. This man is no good . Stay away.

    And trust me, he doesn't love you, no matter how much you think you love him.
    You can surely do better. Move on from him. And get tested for STD's before
    having sex with anyone else.

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    What have I just read. All you need to think about is getting some morals and self respect. You are acting selfish towards his wife and you are disrespecting yourself. Take him back? He is not yours to take back! Why can't you go and find a single guy that actually cares about women. He is a chauvenistic pig. His poor wife. She's the real victim in all of this not you.

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    This man does not love you. And no, he is not going to change.

    There is nothing to take back, as he isn't yours anyway. Why do you allow yourself to be treated like this?


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