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If I were in your shoes, I'd proceed with caution. She seems to be into having short term relationships. So don't get too attached until you are sure she is the right girl for you.
She's had two relationships which lasted ten years.

To me, it sounds more like she had sex too soon in the other relationships before either party realised it wasn't going to work. If you read other posts on here, there are plenty of poor souls who met someone, thought everything was going really well - only to find themselves dumped after they had sex. They've come on here because they're really upset and wonder what went wrong. Would you judge someone harshly for this situation? Is that a one-night stand?

I'd take the view that she's obviously into long-term relationships, but won't stick around with the wrong person for the sake of being half a couple. You don't say how old she is, but my experience of having had a wild past in my youth is that you grow out of it - and are actually more faithful and committed than someone who has a midlife crisis, has been with one partner for decades and now wants to get out to sow a few wild oats.

As you already realise, you either need to get your head round this or move on. I wouldn't judge her harshly unless you have all the facts.