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Thread: Why do I keep having dreams about her cheating on me??

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    Mar 2010

    Why do I keep having dreams about her cheating on me??

    I constantly have dreams/nightmares about my girlfriend cheating on me. And in the dreams she always acts like it's no big deal when I find out. The bad thing is that I don't know if she actually would in real life.We have been together for over a year and 6 months. I mean she says she never would and sometime I believe her but other times I just DON'T KNOW!!! She use to always talk about how she would use guys in past relationships but I just recently realized that she was probably just saying that as a cover up to hide things that really happened when she was the one hurt, plus she has trust issues that stem from her father's abusive/cheating relationship with her mom. So it was that "hurt them before they hurt me attitude" she had when I met her. Plus she use to tell me that if she was to cheat then I wouldn't have a clue cause she is good at hiding things. With all that said she has never had a serious relationship like ours before and use to have this 2 year off and on fling with a guy before I met her. And she said that she cheated before with this guy on a couple of other guys. We have had conversations about this before and she said that she would be scared to tell me if she did cheat cause she wouldn't know how I would react but no she hasn't ever cheated. Does this mean that if she has cheated that she wouldn't tell me?? I mean I know that the cheater in relationships never just come out and say "Hey I'm a cheater" but Some people say once a cheater always a cheater, I honestly don't know cause I never have. I guess these dreams/nightmares have just gotten to me the past couple of nights or is it something that I should be concerned about?? I know I sound like a complete wuss or something right now but this really bothers me.

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    I have dreams about my gf cheating on me. My gf tells me about her dreams of me cheating on her. I have dreams of myself cheating on her.

    I would never cheat on her in real life. I'm sure she would never cheat on me in real life.

    Just dreams.
    The end.

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    I think that her saying she'd be afraid to tell you shows she cares and it would make it more difficult for her to cheat. I think I'd rather hear that then "i'd tell you * * * * * * * " like my wife has said in the past even though she was. As far as your dreams go, I have them all the time too but I think its because I know my wife has actually cheated before and feel its eventually going to happen again like I think now. Good luck though

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