he doesnt want to deal with confrontation and has no valid reason or argument to fight back with but accept he is being crap towards you!thats where your making me feel like a bad boyfriend comes from.

if this guy has pulled back there could be many reasons for this it could be he has gotten to close for comfort and doesnt want to hurt like he has when he loved to much in the past,it could be he isnt interested and/or is keeping you on the hook until someone else comes along,it could be your to emotionally envolved and he feels he cant step that high up the ladder so feels within himself unable to commit the same as you,it could be he's playing hard to get or head games it could be a many number of reasons.

but right now i want you to think about what you need and want and if this guy is dangling a carrot infront of you and keeping you chasing it how long can you deal with that?what if it is he is bored now and just wants to string you along until something new comes along?
are you still making a physical effort for him to dress up look great ect or have you slipped yourself without realising?
ok one thing i will say and many can agree with is that guys are more emotionally insecure then girls so maybe hang with a old male friend see if your guy gets jealous and picks up the pace again?if he does he will probably slip back to the old ways again anyways after a while.

now for the im a guy thing no that is b.s a real man would step up listen to problems and try and be supportive and thoughtful and actually try and work things out!a immature person will stomp their feet or just bury their head in the sand even when being told theres a problem,and then try and make the other person feel guilty by turning it back to them ie your just trying to make me feel like im a bad boyfriend.

personally my NOW ex used the yeah yeah im a bad girlfriend and compleatly ignored the fact i had just poured out my heart and almost cried infront of her and she was all blank expression about it all and no emotion what so ever and said yeah so what im a woman what can i say women are * * * * * es!i know women arnt all like that most are emotionally caring loving and value the efforts a guy makes when trying to be romantic and stuff so she was out of order for that!i re-evaluated what i had now to what i had before and the feelings i have now to the feelings i had before sat down seriously thought things through and figured that i was just to eaten up inside to be able to fix a one sided relationship and was worth so much more then she can ever give me again.

just sit back and seriously think through what you have now to what you could have maybe this ships hit a iceberg and sinking maybe you will fight your hardest and still nothing changes except make you misserable giving your all for nothing in return maybe you can change his mind and turn things around an miss the iceberg its all down to how much more you can give and how much more crap you can take before you decide to jump ship?

what ever happens take good care of you and be selfish sometimes