Dear ***, It hurts so bad in places I didn’t even know existed. If you really loved me would you continue to hurt me like this? I would place myself in the line of Fire so you wouldn’t have to feel one ounce of this kind of pain. You selfish POS!!! You never made me feel like I was #1 in your life, the way you were in mine. Anything you needed from me was at your beck and call the ONLY thing I asked for was your attention and unconditional love in return. The fact that I even had to ASK for that is sickening. The night my grandmother died you were “too tired” to come comfort me. The night my grandfather was diagnosed with cancer you “were too busy with friends”. All I needed was your arms and you couldn’t even give me that. I would have dropped everything and anything to be the shoulder you cried on THATS love. You just take, take, and take. I meant what I said that night I feel sorry for you, you will never know what it’s like to deeply love someone to the point where they come first. I don’t even know if your children will be motivation enough for you to change as look at your father. You never had a chance. But your an adult now, you NEED to know better. And I hope one day you see the error of your ways. And because I love you I hope your happy. I hope you find everything you felt I couldn’t give you to the point where you abandoned me without a second look. I’m sorry I wasn’t enough. I’m sorry my love for you wasn’t enough. I’ll see you again though, this side or the other.