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Thread: Post here instead of contacting your ex!

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    Aug 2014
    A complete and total idiot, I loved you again hoping for the best, all in all I didnít mean crap to you, just a way to entertain yourself. Iím a complete

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    Nov 2010
    I miss you so much. I feel lonely and like my life is completely destroyed. Iím sorry for leaving you...but I had to do it. We had so much love for each other but somehow things got so toxic.
    I look for you everywhere I go, hoping I may run into you just so I can catch a glimpse of your smile. My days have no purpose...I smile and put on a strong face but inside Iím empty.

    I want to be happy again...I want to love again and I wish it could be with you. I wish we could live our happily ever after that we always dreamed of...but it could never be in this lifetime.

    I loved you wish every inch of my body...and I know that you did too...somehow...it wasnít enough to keep us whole.

    I love you

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    Nov 2019

    You look good.

    I just want to wish you well.

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    Jun 2011
    it is end of a long day. I am thinking of you and wishing I told you how much I loved you. One thing keeping me from picking up the phone is remembering how bad you were in bed. I mean last, zero, nada. How selfish and boring. How utterly broken I must have been. It not for some inexplicable chemistry that red flag and fifteen others I will list sometime, is why I let the relationship go on at all.


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    Oct 2019
    How can you talk to me every day for the past 3 years, now you have dissapeared. How can you throw away everything we shared together, like it never meant anything to you? I miss you so much. I miss hearing your voice. I miss your beautiful accent when you spoke english. I miss you correcting me when I spoke portugues.

    I woke up every morning beside you for 14 months, now we just ignore each other like we never exhisted:( I miss you amor

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