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Thread: need gift idea!

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    need gift idea!

    I need some advice on a gift for a friend...he's in his early thirties and a university prof. He's a good friend of mine from university whom I haven't seen in several years and am going to visit him and would like to get him a good book as a gift. Any ideas? I was thinking either the Alchemist by Paulo Coehlo or Chronicle of a Death Foretold by Marquez (two of my personal favourites). Are these a good idea? Any other suggestions??? Thanks!

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    What does he teach? What were his interests that you recall? Where is he from? I can think of many many great books but I would not recommend all of them to the same people. Both of the books you suggested sound really interesting (I am going to add both of them to my list of books to read, so thanks) but it is hard to know what to give without knowing a little more about the recipient. Also, I would not give a book I had not read myself so it is probably best you pick one you are familiar with.

    Good Luck!

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