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Thread: "Car sex" and getting caught

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    Originally Posted by livinginsbi
    but my ex says.. she's not finished yet... and the cop said.. yes she is. I laugh now, but was mortified at the time. We didn't get in any 'trouble'... the cop told us very sternly to stay off airport property. Then my ex said.. she likes the lights.. lololol

    In the beginning me and my bf used to have sex... ALOT in the car. Mostly oral, 69 and a bunch of other stuff though. We never got caught, even though we did it in several places: on the hood in some place I still am not sure where we where, in the car lots of times behind a factory where they where working at night, outside his aunts house while everyone was asleep, parkinglot of some offices- and I'm almost sure there where camera's now, etc..

    A guy I dated once told me a cop tapped at their window once while he was going at it with his ex/some girl. They just told him to put his clothes back on and move it along.

    Another time I was sitting in the car, near the beach with a guy I was dating. The cops parked right next to us and I freaked out even though we weren't doing anything.

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    LOL! these stories are too funny.

    But I don't know if you get fined...maybe for indecent exposure or if you're on somebody's property and they could charge you? I'm not really too sure.

    Once I was at the park fooling around with my guy (we were in the car) and it was dark at night, so I didn't see the cop pull up. He tapped on our window a few times and made us get outside and show him our license. He said we should go somewhere else because it's not safe... because someone else could have been tapping on the window (possibly a rapist or criminal) and we wouldn't have noticed and something bad could've happened to us and nobody would be able to do anything because we were alone in the park. Lord, it was reallyyy humiliating... but he was genuinely looking out for us (at least I think so) so it wasnt that bad

    I don't know anybody that's gotten in trouble for fooling around in a car, though. It's just really embarrassing!!

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    "She likes the lights" lol...

  4. 06-06-2009, 11:56 PM

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    I've never had sex in a car but I did have sex in the ladies room of a Burger King, with people knocking on the door...sheepish look when we exited.

    I've had sex in the woods a lot in different places...once was a little too close to the road because there was a lot of honking going on...

    Used to go to a state park and go on early morning hikes and have sex in the overlooks/shelter houses...

    But, the only time I've ever been caught was by a STBXH of the woman I was seeing, that was interesting...

    Blessed Be,


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    Feb 2017
    So my boyfriend's in the marines and I was going to drive down to see him before he leaves for the east coast, would he get in any trouble through the military if we were caught having sex in a car?

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    If you get caught you can be identified as a sex offender. If that happens, you can't live near school and you have to tell your neighbors every time you move.

    If you are in a dark, secluded place, probably low risk. But otherwise pony up the money for a hotel.

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