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Thread: Is unrequited love always hopeless?

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    Is unrequited love always hopeless?


    Long story short, I fell in love with someone. She knows how I feel, but only wants to be friends.

    It's probably best to move on in a situation like this, but is there a glimpse of hope? I'm having a tough time accepting this, as would probably anyone in my situation. Should I still try to be friends? Should I hope that the other person will eventually feel the same way? Or would it be best to lose all connection with the other person?

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    Best to lose all connection and walk away with your dignity in tact. Otherwise, you'll only dangle around degrading yourself, and that's a thousand times worse to recover from.

    We never get any wasted time back. If this woman is given the opportunity to miss you while you retain your self-respect, then she knows how to contact you.

    That's something you can keep in your pocket as you grieve for a time and then start taking baby steps toward healing and rebuilding a new focus. Otherwise, you'll only hang around seeking scraps of attention from her, and that's dismal--and it certainly won't inspire her to view you as love material.

    In your corner.

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    In one way, I want to do what you said, but things are a little bit more complicated.

    I am taking classes with her in the community college that I am attending, so it will be impossible for me to totally ignore her presence. Plus, after class, I would always walk with her to the parking lot. Should I walk out by myself as if we never did that? I don't want to seem like I am mad at her or something, since that isn't the case. But I would certainly want to forget about her.

    Thanks so much for the feedback.

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