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Thread: Viagra, Cialis, Levitra - Questions

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    Viagra, Cialis, Levitra - Questions

    Who has tried these and what side effects, if any, did you have? I have heard about guys getting some really brutal headaches for hours on end.

    I know these pills are not designed to help you last longer, but do you stay hard after you cum or does it reduce the refractory period at all?

    I was thinking about trying some over just for grins, but wanted some real life critiques to see if it is worth it.

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    I have used Cialis and Viagra (tadalifil citrate and sildenifil citrate respectively) over the last several years.

    Cialis and Viagra result in the same side effects for me:

    Mild to moderate nasal congestion and extremely mild headaches. I am not prone to headaches of any kind and the effect is noticeable but not bothersome. I also experience facial flushing. My face feels hot and particularly my ears feel like they are turning red. This subsides after an hour or so on Viagra and is less noticeable with Cialis. Viagra side effects tend to be more acute and onset is faster. This is due to a difference in the half life of the drugs. Cialis has a much longer half life.

    Both will cause a mild drop in blood pressure and there are some meds you shouldn't mix with them.

    The refractory period is definitely shorter. Subsequent erections are longer lasting and more reliable. If I have a full orgasm, I still lose my erection regardless, but I may have a minute or two more to give her after it is over simply due to having more tumescence down there. The drugs are not designed to help me last longer, but both do and Cialis does a particularly good job at helping me last longer. This is due to changes in sensitivity. When I am harder, I feel a bit less of it (my strongest feelings are right when I start to get hard and am flaccid). Several women have commented on how it takes me longer to finish on Cialis.

    I tend to use very modest dosing, no more than 10-20 mg cialis or 10-25 mg viagra. Both are pretty darn cheap and super easy to buy. A bottle of cialis lasts forever and iirc Viagra was like 30-40 bucks for more than a gram of it.

    Overall, I find that they are some of the safest Rx medicines I have ever wanted or needed to use and that the results far outweigh the negatives. The extra hardness is always a major turn on for the female.

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    One of my co workers said he tried Viagra and he said it gave him a headache to the point that when it was time to have sex, he wasn't even in the mood. LOL. Idk if this is true, thought I'd relay the information

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