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Thread: Do the Dumpers ever regret breaking up with their bf/gf

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    May 2012
    Originally Posted by resilient7
    ken001-Why did she end it this time?
    Well, she brought up the incident that I did last October of 2011. Talked to a girl via CHAT in FB. Nothing all lovey dovey, just being my old self with that girl. At that time, me and my Exs relationship were walking on egg shells. I asked for a time out BUT NOT A BREAK UP. She saw the chat history with the other girl (which is by the way, a lawyer and which is by the way a 6 hr drive from my home to her place, I don't like LDRs.) I apologized, swore to God that there was no intimate connection (well LOL she saw the chat history but she saw NO SWEETNESS LIKE I LOVE YOU'S OR WHATNOTS). Swore to her that there would be no more incident like that in the future days, months, years to come. I proven it in those 7 months according to her. She saw me hiding my phone. Thought it was another girl. But really, I was talking to a restaurant owner who's my friend so she can help me propose to her in their restaurant. She also mentioned that to me. I urged her to come with me to the restaurant to talk to the owner to prove her wrong. She refused (LOL, she might have been scared that I'll prove her wrong and be humiliated.) Clearly, she has trust issues. And why would you let them see evidences of you proposing to them?? DUH. It's a surprise. To her, I was doing *something*. Imagine that?? Hahahaha. Funny woman.

    That's the main reason she broke up with me. Imagine that. 7 months had already passed and she just chose to mention that to me last April. Hahaha.

    I posted the whole story in the Break Up section my good friend. It's titled "Was supposed to propose to her..but.."
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    May 2012
    Originally Posted by ChrisMac
    You've got courage and faith man. I'm not sure I could ever consider marriage with a girl who took 7 months to come back.

    Hahahaha. That happened wayyy back 2010. I didn't exactly wait for her after 7 months. By that time I was already starting to date other women.

    Took me 3 months to chase her then went 4 months NC.

    But now, it only took me 1 month to chase her. And I'm now enforcing strict NC. Not counting with her getting back with me ever again.

    It is, however safe to say, that I have already gotten over her. I don't feel sad anymore, I don't feel the urge to call or text her anymore. I feel no resentment towards her. In fact, I feel....fine. Well that's an understatement. But yeah.

    Thinking back at what happened 2 years ago and what happened this April, I can say that she's not the one for me. Her reasoning was always out of hand. One thing in particular was this one from 2 years ago.

    2010 FTW Statements from her :

    Her : You're lucky we managed to get to 1 yr and 2 months. Other relationships only last a couple of months. Don't be choosy.

    2012 FTW Statements from her :

    Her : I just want you to suffer what you did to me last October. Really suffer. But it hasn't already been a month and you've already given up.
    Her : You should've proposed to me earlier. Because right now as it stands, I don't care.
    Her : It's over. (Moments later) I don't know for myself either.

    I believe this would be etched in my skull and my brain forever. But believe me when I say to you, I don't hate her. I'm just saddened that considering she's a lector in a catholic church, she acts like this.

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    Austin, Texas
    I've broken up with two long term girlfriends and I never regretted it, because by the time I was ready to break up they had pushed me away so far there was no coming back.
    I've had mutual break ups however that I've always regretted, because I was never able to reach the stage with those girls where I'd "had enough".
    I'm pretty mild mannered and I can't stand the thought of hurting someone, so I usually let things more than run their course before I walk away.
    Not to mention talking things through pretty thoroughly,
    I am proud that I've never broken up with someone where it was a shock to them,
    It's only been after plenty of discussion and if there was no way we could resolve our differences did I decide to walk.
    Having said that,
    On the other side of the coin, a long term girlfriend once broke up with me after 2 years out of nowhere and blindsided me, she gave me a list of excuses and eventually it transpired that there was another guy on the scene.
    She regretted it a lot and came back to me after 2 months, we were together another 2 years before she did it to me again, same way, same exact thing..
    What's my point?
    I guess if you're going to get broken up or do the breaking up, it's better to not have any regrets, because if you've got regrets then you probably weren't emotionally mature enough to make that kind of decision in the first place and you will continue to hurt the other person with your lack of conviction.

    Sure nobody is perfect, but if you're going to walk away you owe it to the other person to be sure about it and not let nostalgia or lonliness become "regret" and a desire to revist the past, when ultimately you'll remember why you weren't happy with that person and leave again..
    The double whammy..

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    Mar 2012
    I started having problem with my husband when I found I was pregnant with my third child in April. I was torn, because I found out in the Fall of last year that my husband is having an affair with another woman .I was devastated, shocked and saddened. He promised he would stop seeing her and devote his life to me and our kids. Well it didn’t happen, and I didn’t think it was fair to bring another child into such an unstable environment. It was the hardest thing I ever had to do, but I think I was one of the lucky few who has landed on an interesting site, from reading the free and helpful information there, i realized how oblivious I was to so many things that ruined my relationship. After lots of studying I followed the steps and slowly I got my husband back in full and he stopped seeing the other woman.In fact in less than 2 weeks the other lady was then history.This is something I will carry in my heart forever and be thankful to <>)for bringing happiness back to my family!!!
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    I've only had one boyfriend and our relationship ended very mutually.. up to this point I have not regretted the break up but who knows in the future. We were a really nice couple and very much brought out the best in one another, but after 3 years the flame just seemed to be dulling quite a bit and we thought it was time to go out and experience stuff on our own. I'm not sure if a day will come where I regret it, but for now I'm pretty happy with just being on my own!
    However I have 3 friends, all of whose bfs broke up with them in the past few months and all 3 of their bfs have come running back begging them to to take them back! 2 have told them to p*** off but one is somewhat considering it.. every couple is different so I don't want this to be giving anyone false hope but I do think it's pretty amazing that all 3 ex bfs regretted it

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    Sep 2014
    My recent ex said the same things to me...I hope he comes back!

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