I have currently been in NC with my exgirlfriend for 4 weeks now. Gotta say this thread is a joy to read. I have read 120 pages, and it gives me great comfort. I hope one day to share my own story with you guys. Will share a story about my parrents though.

When my parrents first dated each other, they quickly moved in together. My mother got extremely jalous on one of my dads ex girlfriends. The ex actually ended up with my dads brother, and whenever they all were together, she for fun would make my mother jalous. In the end my mother couldn't handdle it, and they went apart. A week later my mother asked my dad to come back to pick up the last of his stuff. When he got there she apparently had prepared a feast, and they were able to talk about things. They have been married for 28 years. Through good and bad like depression. Allthough I because of my own circumstances doubt true love and all that, they are a great inspiration to me.