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Thread: " So when are you getting married !!! ?"

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    Originally Posted by Batya33
    I would respond to "when are you going to get married" with "when the children are grown". That always worked wonders for me.
    Oh LOL!! That made my day.

    Another line I like I learned from my mom. She got the question "So, why aren't you married yet?" a lot when she was younger. Her answer? "Just lucky, I guess."

    My parents have now been married 35 years and did so when they were in their mid-30's.

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    hm - i was at a nightclub in mexico city when i was dancing with this devestatingly handsome mexican dude. he asked me in spanish why i wasn't married. i told him, 'demasiado chicos guapos. ' (too many cute guys out there!)

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