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Thread: new boyfriend much smaller than ex, does it get better?

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    Once you've had something really large, then sometimes you can't go back to smaller. Sorry to say, things stretch out. This is why I don't have sex with anyone who is larger than 5'...It would hurt so I stay with smaller. You may prefer to stick with bigger. That's ok.

    If you're not happy, you need to leave. But please, for the love of god, don't tell him you're leaving because of his size or he sucks in bed. That will rip his esteem into bits. Just say you're not compatible some other way and go. He can't help his size or the fact that you had bigger before...

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    It's reality that a woman being with a larger guy will always feel cheated if she ends up with a guy who only has half as much to offer her.
    This is true even if she was living near starvation because the big guy was a poor provider of all the other things she cherishes.
    This is one reason that I have found that I never wish to date virgins since I can easily tell if they have been having intercourse with any of the multitudes of larger men available to them.

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    Feeling the love people....

    It can matter and it can be improved. The biggest sex organ is your brain and imagination. Use it and all will be well.

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    I think you can overcome this if you choose to. You have to be honest with yourself and decide what is important. I am certain that if you are not satisfied and explain to your man your needs without saying I need you to have a penis twice your current size like my ex had, that he will do his best to satisfy you if he is anything as caring as you describe. If you cannot get over it, please let him go asap without telling him his penis is too small. I am all about honesty but not sure that brutal of honesty would be productive for him, who knows maybe it would. Honest or not, if penis size is a dealbreaker, let him go.

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    This is great.... ^

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    Good question...
    This is an old thread.

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    over time it will get better as ur vagina will adjust to his size, the fireworks will happen but it just takes time

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    Thread closed.


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