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Thread: Wife has cheated Twice yet still claims she loves me ??.

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    She may love you, I don't know, I'm not her. Love, however, is not always enough.

    What I do know is a relationship without trust is not sustainable. You don't trust your wife, you shouldn't trust your wife, and considering she believes there are valid (and imo ridiculous) "excuses" for cheating, and that she can clearly get away with it (since you keep on staying), I think she will do it again and again, whenever it strikes her fancy. Can you live with that? Or will that leave you a miserable, bitter, shell of a man?

    I personally wouldn't stay in this marriage unless you're willing to open it up and make it clear you will have sex with others too. Otherwise this is going to ruin you (and possibly will give you some nasty STDs). Getting Ready for a First Date

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    Originally Posted by Siriana
    Hm, I think she lacks sexual chemistry with you.
    That's not something that can be worked out - it just is or isn't. Some things can't be worked out.
    So she likes stability of the marriage as well as you do but seeks sexual fulfilment somewhere else.

    Well now it's not like I've discovered hot water - that was pretty much clear.

    I think she is the kind of person that needs great sex chemistry/forbidden fruit kind of thrill.

    I think it would be naive to believe she will stop with the cheating if things remain the same.

    You are probably aware you have several choices:
    - staying with her and continuing like nothing happened
    - staying with her under condition you two go on therapy
    - leaving her
    Whatever choice you choose to make, make the one you feel deep inside is the right one.

    And btw I think its' sad you value your house over your well being - as far as I know the house should be sold and money split in a way you can afford yourself a place to live.
    That is definitely true. Its not about the person its just the need for the thrill and excitement of someone new. You accept her like so or leave she wll not stop

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    Originally Posted by luckyrabbit
    I wish I had know sooner about this w w w . trollin . icu (delete the spaces)

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    Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls; the most massive characters are seared

    Nobody mentioned it because they read the rules of this site. No spam .
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    Thread closed.

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