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Thread: Does your boyfriend take you out?

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    Does your boyfriend take you out?

    My boyfriend never takes me out. He never makes plans for us to go anywhere. He'll just always tell me to come over or something and it's always the same old. At the beginning he would make a bit more effort, like he would make me romanitc dinners and stuff but now it's just nothing. I can understand that he's short on money right now but I dont think he needs to spend a lot to do something nice for me. And I'm totally not like one of those girls who needs to always go out, i'd be fine with him just taking me somewhere once in a while, but he never does. He makes 3 times as much money as me and I try to plan things to take HIM out when I really really cant afford it at all.

    I was just wondering if anyone else's boyfriends take them out. And how can I hint to my boyfriend that I want to do something nice with him besides sit at home on the couch? He told me before that he likes the fact about me that he doesnt need to take me out to dinner every week and I'm low maintenance, (which is all true), but I just feel like, it wouldn't hurt to do something special once in a while.

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    I had this problem with an ex before. When we first started dating, he took me out all the time and then it dwindled down to almost nil. I called him on it, because like you I'm not one that needs to go out each and every time. He said that he was having financial problems and felt like he wasn't a good boyfriend if he couldn't take me out so he just avoided going out all together. I had to drill it into his head that it's not always about being out and about. He could have told me to make some ham sandwhiches and taken me to a park to sit and eat but he didn't understand that concept right away.

    You need to have a heart to heart with him and just explain that while you are content with not going out all the time, you still would like for him to take the initiative and do something for you/with you outside somewhere, sometime.

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    When guys don't have the funds that is usually when they stop with the gestures. But I agree with metrogirl, you do need a heart to heart. So he understands where your coming from.

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    I am too one of those girls that always has to be out and about and doing things. My boyfriend doesn't really "take me out" but we always decide to go out and do things together: movies, dinner, shopping, picnics, walks, beach trips, and many other things.

    My advice is not to leave it entirely up to your boyfriend to take you out. If you're unhappy about not going out as much, why don't you make suggestions and take him out? There are plenty of activities to do which don't require spending money. If you start suggesting things you can do and start taking him out maybe he'll get the message and you'll get into a rhythm of going out more

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    Guys lose their women not taking this sort of thing seriously.

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    Suggest to him that you take turns taking each other out - and please don't mention the fact that he earns more than you.

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    yes, he takes me out a lot actually. But there was a time when he was really short on money, and he didn't take me out. So I can understand what you mean. I think it would be a bit hard to ask him to take you out , so just tell him that you want to do sth new with him and see what plans he might have?! if he is really short on money you should try to be understanding tho if you really love him.

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    Mine is the same way. We never go out just the two of us. I will suggest plans but he always has an excuse, like he has no money, he's tired, has to work early, isnt feeling well.... What really bothers me is I will suggest we go for dinner one night, he will tell me he has no money, and the next day he has bought a new video game and then goes out for beer and wings with his buddies.

    I don't let him keep me at home though. If he doesn't want to take me out I will go out with other people rather than sitting in front of the TV with him.

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    low maintenance, that's how we want our cars to be

    people are never low maintenance, they have too many moving parts

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    do something romantic or fun together which doesn't require a lot of money. go skating, tobogganing, to the park, to a museum, to an aquarium, explore the area where you live.


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