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Thread: Need advice and help

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    Need advice and help


    So ok Im dating a girl, we have been dating for 2 and half year. But we broke up last year for a month, that was because of difficulties lost a baby. Then we broke up this summer for 4 months she was being difficult and had issues(former annorexic).

    We just started dating again. It has been on for about 1-2 months. She has really changed and only thing now is her stress during exams periods(more then most people.), but thats ok.

    Now there is a problem. Things are going ok, they are better, but not perfect. Im still alittle unsure. Its difficult cause she loves me to death. Also we have a ton of fun and she is so sensual.

    The problem is that now we are graduating we live in the same city. But Im going most likely to masters program or to do my Phd. She is studying law and the issue is I will be going abroad to study.

    Now if I take a masters I will be for 2 years abroad, if a Phd it might be 5 years. I might not want to move back home. But she cant work or study abroad as she is studying law in our country.

    So what do I do. Should I just not worry and wait until this happens or do I need to think whether this is something that already has destroyed the relationship?

    I dont believe in long term relationship. My parents did it but only for 1 year. But when I have tried it it has failed.

    So what do I do? adress the problem now or wait and cross the bridge when I get there?

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    You could present the issue to her. Be clear about where you stand on no future together and ask what she wants to do.

    If she opts to keep seeing you, you can monitor how well she's handling things. If she starts to manipulate, you'll know it's probably time to cut ties.

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