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Thread: "Best Friend"

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    "Best Friend"

    So I recently dropped my best friend from high school. At first I felt great, but now I'm wondering if i did the right thing.

    I was always there for her in high school (01-05). She would cut her wrists and she was anorexic. Her parents sent her to the mental hospital a few times too. So when she needed someone to run and cry to or get out the house, share all her secrets with. I was that person she would come to, no matter what. I would drop everything and hang with her. Even would call out of work.

    But after high school graduation (May 05) I got with my current boyfriend. It was rough at first cuz I was spending more time with him and not her, but we worked through that and she got herself a boyfriend.

    One night (early 07) my boyfriends parents were out of town, and I rode with here to his house (my car was acting up) it was like 12 midnight and she was still there, i guess she was waiting for me to leave with her. But she didn't leave, and she ended up sleeping with my boyfriends' twin brother that night. And a few days later she accused my boyfriend of hitting on her online (crazy fight there)

    Needless to say I stopped being friends with her. We went a few months without talking at all. But we started hanging out again (late 07). She's engaged now to a guy she only been dating for 1 year. But it's just weird. I don't feel like things can really be the way they used to be. I don't really like her anymore I feel weird around her.

    So I just dropped contact with her (now 08], and she kept calling me and sending me messages on facebook and such but I never responded. I know that is probably not the best way to stop being friends, but i'm not sure how I feel right now anyway.

    Do you think I should go back to being friends with her, or should I just continue to not talk to her?

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    Gold Member angellight's Avatar
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    Aug 2008
    True friendship is based on mutual respect, shared interests, give and take and a genuine
    fondness for each other. It sounds like you did all the giving and she did all the taking in your relationship.

    She sounds like a very disturbed and needy individual. It is possible she thought it was your boyfriend and not his brother since they are twins. It is sad that she is losing a friend, she probably doesn't have many, but she needs to learn how to be a friend if she expects to keep one.

    If you dont really like her anymore there is no point in continuing since there is no friendship to continue with. Not talking to her is not the right way to handle it. You probably should just say you think, at this point in time, you've grown apart and your not sure how you feel about your relationship with her. Explain that you still have unresolved feelings about the boyfriend incident, your having a hard time trusting her and you dont want to put him, her or yourself in that situation again. Easier said than done, I know....

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